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Freeliving Journeymodule Earthship Studio2 Leipzig Germany


to fullfill the dream, to live at least complette independent -of the grid-

Creating sustainable multifunktional shelter integral with landscape in organic Biotechture by subtile modulation and filtering

The determining factors of the Earthship concept. How to operate shelter and environment in planetary-cosmic alignment

it is covering and can replacing all of our artifical comfort zones to integral sustainable -

the whole thing is a space-energy converter/collector/provider

-lair within the terrain-

the Earth belongs to nobody, her fruits to all




we cannot win the game by just fighting the system, but by creating an new one that maces the old obsolette

we build this out of the debris field from our collapsing civilisation






(sustainable Garden)

features: 3-level-flora, tropical and mediterran zones, biodynamic plants, water catchment, filter and circulation systems, ship-bridge, analog soundsystem, 2 termal-light mashinas, mineral-mine, Kid-Cat playground

the Earth is the ship -we just build ship-bridges, to interface the energys

directcontact to earth water air fire and moreover sound+light = Lightchamber = Holodec



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find out how to build


see a village what has already developed in 40 jears



nachhaltig lebenserhaltende systeme zu erschaffen die unabhängig von conzernindustry sind,

1 die sog. Earthships erfüllen gleichzeitig 5++ anliegen:

unabhängichkeit, creativität, connectivität, demonstration und protest


2 transportation:

hydrogen oder magnetantriebe in fahrzeuge einbauen






Sustainable testing site

minatur Demonstration Earthship Biotechture - organic landscaping

Zentrale Energieversorgung (sammlung, speicherung, zuführung)
Mulifunktions Amaturen aus Natur und Technologiefusion
Nachhaltige, nicht-egoistiche Interaction mit der Biosphere