The sonic reflection of Life -> Music was my first love and it will be my last

it can break all rules and borders
it can fusionate all styles and cultures ~in~one~verse~
it compressing eventlight, channels timelife history thousands of cycles back and few forward in the spiral of evolution -to a few hours- -enabeling the eternal now-unity condition


Liveacts and Contactexperience

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nothing in here jet, I want to fill in anytime again -still open for bookings, but hi-possible cancel





These sound and light are spiritual homeopathy and mind-altering drug agents. They are dark and light, lead you to hell and heaven. Shake it up and fall asleep, detoxify you, and awaken new passions. Give clear eye-opening effects and confused beyond measure. They answer and draw hundreds of new questions about themselves. They bring old worlds to waver and the last remains of ancient life building to collapse. They will pull the ground under his feet and continued his prayer mat on the bottom. They raise the dust of the dark ages and helps to overcome the dualistic mind-lasting behavior





the Earth belongs to nobody, but Her fruits to all
you can share and compile albums as you like for free
it has nothing more to do with me than you personally
it is even not ongly my produckt, I just abstracting/channeling out of the
from and back to the infinite connected creation