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about SOUND and Livesupport part1 -visual delineation of Sound-

The higher the frequency, the more "information" can exist per cycle (hertz)

the lower the frequency the simpler the design, whereas the higher the frequency the more complex the design


Sense field - conservation and frequency Cosmic Trigger


Feelings and spheres audible - human - planetary and universal

the sense of hearing has the HIGHEST RESOLUTION any sense he is the first de wakes up and extinguished the last of the rhythm and harmonics modulate and information channels in the brain

Musical apotheka
At a workshop of the Viennese International Academy for Holistic Medicine (Gamede) presented the expert a seemingly immense diversity of him driven experiences and research results. A few samples:

Rhythm activates the subcortical areas of the brain and a rapid "beat" from 120 to 140 beats per second within a few minutes changed the structure of the brain waves.

Very rhythmic music enhances the distribution of dopamine in the brain, thereby improving the coordination of movement, in particular Parkinson's patients.

Listen pregnant women in the delivery room light classical or pop music, then decrease plasma ACTH and plasma beta-endorphin-distribution in the brain significantly - a sign of relaxation and stress reduction.

Three to seven minutes drums turn triggers not only tension, but also activates the endorphin distribution in the midbrain. Thus while it heals no organic damage, but has the same effect as a pain tablet
(only without the side effects).


ALL Solfeggio Hz

Music is an illusion. our mind creates it in the head by sequenzing the 1 sound we hear each second

sequenz+frequenz x time =base of music =base of life

1D Frequenz 2D Panorama 3D Amplitude 4D Timeflow 5-12D EFX (you walking through headroom)

The Art-behaviour+controll of Soundwaves -with the displaymodels from David Gibson